Our 25 Step Recruitment, Qualification, and Placement Process

Our Process

Our proven 25 Step Recruitment Process generates 3-5 C5 Qualified (Character, Competency, Culture, Compensation, & can Close) Candidates in 10-15 Business Days or sooner.

Meet with Client to understand Business, Culture, and Talent Acquisition Needs

Develop Proactive Recruitment and Placement Strategy with Client

Compensation and Benefits Analysis

Launch 5 Point Sourcing Campaign targeting Qualified Passive Candidates

Recruiting and Candidate Development

Social Media Scan of Finalist Candidates

Video Interview of Finalist Candidates

Present 3-5 C5 (Culture, Character, Competency, Compensation, can Close) Match Candidates​

Applicant Tracking Administration

Weekly Progress Report & Cadence Call with Client

Tele-Interview Administration and Management

In Person Interview Administration and Management

Reference Transcripts for Finalist Candidates

Background Check for Finalist Candidates

Leadership, Culture, and Predictive Index Assessment Management

Offer Management

Resignation Management

Counter Offer Management

Career Transition Management

On-Boarding Support

Retention Assistance

CRG Search

National Office 

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