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CRG is a Global Provider of Executive Search, Contract Staffing, and IT Managed Services. We have a staff of 80+ and 450+ Consultants operating out of 5 Offices in the U.S. & Latin America. Established in 1994, we have successfully filled over 2,000 Searches and 10,000 Contract Engagements.

Our Solutions

CRG Search is the Professional to Executive Recruiting Division of CRG. Founded in 1994, we have successfully filled over 2,000 Searches.


At CRG, we have staffing partners in each local market focused in Accounting, Finance, HR, Administrative, and Information Technology.  We have over 450 consultants currently supporting our clients globally.


CRG provides IT Solutions to assist clients with allocation, deployment, monitoring and management of IT resources. We support your business processes with a goal of enhancing the IT experience for both internal and external customers.


Why CRG?


Established in 1994, we have filled 2,000+ searches, and made 10,000+ contract placements.


Reduce time to hire and recruitment costs by up to 40%


Our 25-step recruitment process ensures 3-5 C5 qualified candidates that excel above their peers

Global Reach

We have 80 employees and 450+ consultants in 5 offices in the U.S. and Latin America supporting our clients globally.

Our Clients

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